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Airline Stops 4/5 Boys
Dedham Rookie Boys Lose to Airline

The boys were all excited and got to play lots of minutes.  Jake Monnier handled the ball out front very well and ended the game with 6 points.  Jack Hastings was quick on his feet playing great defense and made some terrific passes to his teammates.  Ryan Edgcomb had 4 steals and scored the first 2 points of the game. Nick Wardwell eventually became very comfortable as the game went on and ended with 5 rebounds and 2 points.  Anson Cassio showed off his speed and played terrific defense all game long. Noah Mayhew also played an outstanding game both on defense and the offensive end of the court. He had a nice assist.  Brock Bates gained confidence over the 28 minutes of play and played some sneaky defense. He had 2 steals. Trevor Westfield guarded a much bigger player and did a great job down on the block working to get rebounds for his team.  Ben Sproul was the 5th grade version of Anna Drake as he was pesky on defense and seemed to be wherever the ball was. Thank you to the Girls’ team captains, Ellie, Anna, and Shelby for helping the boys out during warmups.

All the boys played hard throughout the whole game, and Coach Christie is proud of their efforts!  Great job, boys; we hope you had fun!